Beginning in 2008, I began submitting stories to markets in order to build my writing resume as a semi-professional author. Below is a list of stories, arranged chronologically, that I’ve published and where you can find them.


A demon sent to earth confronts an unusual obstacle on his way to cause mischief. "Warded" was the first story I published professionally; it appeared in the June 2008 issue of Twisted Dreams. You can buy a paperback copy of the entire issue for $8.17 or a PDF copy for $1.90.

The Horse Thieves

Crawford is a free agent in the New West, where cars have replaced horses and any punk with a set of wheels can cause mischief. Now someone is stealing ponies from a local ranch, and Crawford has been hired to solve the case. "The Horse Thieves" -- the first in a series -- originally appeared in Space Westerns, a free online webzine.

Note: In 2014, "The Horse Thieves" was published in my debut book, The Horse Thieves and Other Tales of the New West, which was released by Hazardous Press. Unfortunately, the book is currently out of print.

The Ice Fields of Europa

An ice miner on Jupiter's moon, Europa, recounts his struggle to become a prospector through a series of diary entries. This dark sci-fi tale appeared as December 2008's featured story of the month in The Tiny Globule, a free online repository of sci-fi, fantasy and strange fiction.

The Tiny Globule closed its doors in 2012. At this time, "The Ice Fields of Europa" is out of print.

The Zumundo Cog

When a rare component breaks in his amazing steam scooter, Shane must confront a reclusive and eccentric inventor for a replacement. "The Zumundo Cog" was originally published in the November-December 2008 issue of The Willows, America's premiere steampunk magazine. Back issues of this magazine, which is out of print, are available for $5.00. In May 2011, "The Zumundo Cog" was reprinted in the anthology Penny Dread Tales Volume 1 from RuneWright, which is available for $16.95 plus tax.


If you're familiar with Norse mythology, you know that Loki was responsible for bringing about the end of the world. But was Loki such a bad guy? And were Odin and Balder really upright heroes? "Ragnarok" is a re-telling of several of the central Norse myths from the perspective of Loki and is set in modern-day Reykjavik. It was published by Read Short in January 2010.

'Swordsman Wanted'

War veteran Greg Murphy hasn't had a steady job since getting his knee blown out in Iraq. When he answers an ad from a New York bank seeking a professional swordsman, he discovers that the financial industry has more teeth than he ever imagined. Tangent magazine calls "'Swordsman Wanted'" a "light-hearted read, and Scalisi carries it off with a quiet, assured professionalism."

"'Swordsman Wanted'" was published in Issue 19 of Neo-opsis, the award-winning Canadian sci-fi and fantasy magazine.

Note: The link above serves sales in both the United States and Canada. If you live in the United States, make sure to purchase the correct issue.


Gas prices are out of control, and the government has stepped in to regulate the sale of vehicles powered by gasoline. While at the Department of Vehicle Registry, Virginia Piper -- mother of four -- learns firsthand how far some radicals will go to prevent the country's dependency on foreign oil. This dystopian sci-fi tale was published by The Absent Willow Review on July 16, 2010.

The Absent Willow Review closed its doors at the end of 2011. At this time, "Crude" is out of print.

The Registry of Lost Socks

Peggy Hawthorne has lost her favorite argyle sock in the wash, but getting it back may be more than a simple matter of searching inside the laundry room. "The Registry of Lost Socks" beat out 3,000 other stories to appear in the short story anthology An Honest Lie Volume 2. The book is available through Amazon while supplies last.

Carousel Gardens

While searching for his first house, Art finds that a haunted restaurant has come onto the market in his price range. Are his motivations for buying it mere curiosity or something more ... supernatural? "Carousel Gardens" was selected as the headlining story in the short story anthology Shadowplay, which was released by Post Mortem Press in February 2011.

In September 2011, Post Mortem Press re-released "Carousel Gardens" as part of the publisher's 2011 best-of anthology, titled Dark Doorways. The story appears alongside other PMP press authors, as well as horror luminaries Jack Ketchum and F. Paul Wilson.

Guidelines for Selecting a Dashboard Totem

Dashboard totems are essential accessories for any vehicle. So how does one find them? And which ones hold the most power? Read this humorous piece of flash fiction to find out. "Dashboard Totem" was published in the fiction anthology from Untied Shoelaces of the Mind and was released in September 2011.


Deke has come into some money and wants to have the barcode on his arm -- the barcode that tells everything about him -- altered by an "Artist." But are the requested alterations the only changes made to Deke's barcode, or has the Artist implanted something far more sinister. This cyberpunk short story appeared in the debut issue of Nine: A Journal of Speculative Fiction, published in April 2012.

Note: Nine closed its doors in 2014. At this time, "Infected" is out of print.

The Ghost Is the Machine (Editor)

In early 2012, I was offered the opportunity to serve as the guest editor of a steampunk-inspired collection of ghost stories to be released by Post Mortem Press. I was in charge of fielding submissions, reading stories and offering feedback, editing the accepted works, and working with the authors on integrating the changes and getting their contracts signed. The final product includes 14 short stories by up-and-coming genre authors as well as a tale by Stoker Award-winning author Joe Hill. With a mix of sci-fi, fantasy and horror, this book really does have something for every taste. The Ghost In the Machine was released Aug 14, 2012.

Hex McGowan and the Cat's Meow

Hex McGowan is a very unlucky individual, so it's really no surprise when a talking black cat asks for Hex's help in retaking the lost treasure of the Cat Guild from the hordes of the Rat King. This all-ages fantasy story appeared in the anthology Allusions of Innocence from Solarwyrm Press and was published April 30, 2014.


Rob and Serge are two freelance mercenaries hired by a powerful technology magnate to venture into "The Crash Zone" -- a wasteland caused by a man-made asteroid strike. But what have they been hired to retrieve? Some experimental software? A new product design? Or something more devious? "Salvage" was published in the anthology All That's Left of Yesterday, which was released by Dark Opus Press on Jan. 10, 2015.