Selected Portfolio

In addition to writing fiction, I also have a career as a journalist and editor. I began writing newspaper and magazine articles in college, where I freelanced for the Sacred Heart University weekly newspaper, The Spectrum. After two semesters of freelancing, I applied for and was hired as the editor of the paper's Arts & Entertainment section, where I was responsible for writing content, editing the work of fellow student-journalists and composing two pages of layout each week.

During this same period -- and for a while after college -- I also wrote freelance for the newspaper in my hometown, The Citizen's News. Following graduation, I composed press releases for Sacred Heart University's public relations department. In 2006, I was hired as the associate editor of the 1.5-million circulation Columbia magazine in New Haven, Conn. I was promoted to senior editor in April 2013 and regularly publish content in Columbia.

In 2011, I did freelance editorial and photojournalist work for Naugatuck Patch, the hyperlocal news site operated by the Huffington Post.

In 2013, I began writing and lecturing on the craft of writing. I've published several articles in The Writer magazine and regularly give workshops on writing speculative fiction and how to get one's work published. I also began doing freelance public relations work again, this time for the CT RollerGirls, Connecticut's internationally ranked women's flat-track roller derby league.

Finally, in late-2014 I began working as a freelance contributor for Art of, a blog dedicated to showcasing the art and artists of the massively popular collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. In this role, I've had the chance to interview internationally recognized artists from both North America and Europe.

Columbia Articles

"Taking Root in Seoul" (Columbia, Nov. 2014).

"Heroes of Home and Hearth" (Columbia, March. 2014).

"A Trail of Charity" (Columbia, Nov. 2012).

"The Other Heroes of September 11" (Columbia, Sept. 2011).

Naugatuck Patch Articles

"Warriors of the Waterways" (Naugatuck Patch, Aug. 30, 2011).

"Heritage Night is Start of New Borough Tradition" (Naugatuck Patch, March 26, 2011).

"A Last Chance for Life" (Naugatuck Patch, Feb. 21, 2011).

Articles on the Craft of Writing

"Universal Style" (The Writer, Dec. 2014).

"Writing Essentials: Character Profile" (The Writer, Nov. 2013).

"You too can put READERS in the spotlight" (The Catholic Journalist, Nov. 2013).

Art of Interviews

Stories with Brushstrokes -- An Afternoon with Donato Giancola (Aug. 2015).

Tony DiTerlizzi (July 2015).

Svetlin Velinov (Feb. 2015).

Raymond Swanland (Feb 2015).

Eric Deschamps (Nov. 2014).

Advertising Samples

CT RollerGirls Rebranding Campagn

. : Proficiencies:

  •      Quark XPress (Advanced)
  •      Adobe InDesign (Intermediate)
  •      Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
  •      Adobe Acrobat (Intermediate)
  •      Microsoft Office Suite
  •      Mac/Windows OS

     In the past I have used:

     Adobe Illustrator
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