Post Mortem Press

I began a close partnership with independent publisher Post Mortem Press in February 2011 when my short story, "Carousel Gardens," was selected to headline the fiction anthology, Shadowplay. Later that same year, the story was selected again to appear in Dark Doorways, a best-of collection culled from the various books that PMP had released that year. Dark Doorways also features work by horror luminaries F. Paul Wilson (the creator of the Repairman Jack series) and Jack Ketchum (a writer whom Stephen King calls "the scariest guy in America").

"Carousel Gardens" focuses on Art, a first-time homebuyer who finds a supposedly haunted restaurant for sale during his property search. Is Art's motivation for buying the restaurant mere curiosity or something more ... supernatural?

For the curious among you, Carousel Gardens was a real "haunted" restaurant in the town in Seymour, Conn., though it has since closed and is now a hairdressing academy. Inspiration for the story came during my own first home search.

In early 2012, I was offered another opportunity to work with Post Mortem Press, this time as an editor. With a story contribution from Stoker Award-winning author Joe Hill (Horns), I curated an anthology of steampunk-inspired horror stories about haunted machines.

The Ghost Is the Machine
was release Aug. 14, 2012. It remains one of Post Mortem Press' all-time bestselling titles.

Most recently, PMP released 44 Lies by 22 Liars, a collection of flash fiction from many of the publisher's most recognized authors. The book features two of my stories: "Missing Bicycles," about bikes that are running away from their owners, and "Residual," about an unusual quality of prosthetic hands.

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