Penny Dread Tales Vol. 1

One of the stories I published in my first year of professional writing was also one of my favorites: "The Zumundo Cog." I had been interested in steampunk for some time and decided at last to try my hand at writing a short story in this sub-genre of science-fiction and fantasy.

Not long before, I had read a New York Times article about the steampunk phenomenon that mentioned a magazine called The Willows. On a whim, I decided to submit the story and it was accepted, though the magazine stopped publishing soon after.

Luckily, Penny Dread Tales Vol. 1 from RuneWright came along and was kind enough to reprint "Zumundo" again for readers to enjoy. The story follows Shane, a young brassworks employee, who must seek out a reclusive inventor in order to replace a critical part in Shane's amazing steam scooter.