Composing a bio about myself is probably the hardest thing I've ever written. Harder than those Shakespeare theses for Dr. Staples; certainly harder than interviewing a complete stranger for a news article.

I started writing in grammar school, when, like any good writer, I began to rip off my favorite movies, video games and television shows. The first story I can remember authoring had to do with Star Wars and was written on a page of loose leaf at my kitchen table. From there, I learned to use my mother’s word processor and would tap out one-page stories about Link from The Legend of Zelda or my favorite characters from Star Trek. (In case you haven’t sensed a theme here, I was a pretty nerdy kid.) To see some of my early work that doesn't infringe on any copyright law, click HERE and HERE.

I enjoyed my literature classes in high school and knew I wanted to pursue a degree in English. I attended Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., where I earned a B.A. in English and a minor in media studies. At the time, I worked for the college paper editing the Arts & Entertainment section and was freelancing for the Citizen’s News in Naugatuck. Nearly a year after graduation, I started working as one of the editors of a New Haven-based magazine. In December 2015, I began a new career in marketing and communications for a Fortune 500 health care company.

Though I published one piece of fiction in college, I didn’t get serious about my writing until 2007, when I read Stephen King’s autobiography/writing guide, On Writing. This book had a huge impact on me, and I became more disciplined with my work.

I have published a number of short stories, links to which can be found on the top menu bar. I am also working on several longer projects. My debut book, The Horse Thieves and Other Tales of the New West was released by Hazarous Press in 2014.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the stories.


Society of Professional Journalists (2003-Present)

Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society (2004-Present)

Awards and Accolades

Sacred Heart University MMAX Award: Excellence in Entertainment Writing (2003)

Sacred Heart University Rycenga Scholar (2004-05)

Archbishop Edward T. O'Meara Journalism Awards (Honorable Mention, magazine category, 2008)

Catholic Press Awards (Second place, editor, best e-newsletter, 2011)

Catholic Press Awards (Honorable mention, best photo story, 2012)

Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists (Second place, reporting -- Arts & Entertainment -- Online/Independent, 2012)

Catholic Press Awards (Second place, general excellence [as part of staff], 2013)

My official portrait for An Honest Lie Volume 2. (Photo by Mathew Duman) Click to enlarge.

My official portrait for Shadowplay/Dark Doorways. (Photo by Mathew Duman) Click to enlarge.